"your excellent scheme could be a way out of being unemployed and back onto the road of full time employment."

Wheels to work provides a scooter/electric bike on loan for up to 6 months to aid Leicestershire residents looking to access work or training.

A client contacted us as he had been made redundant last year, he was an HGV and was desperate to get back into work, money was tight and he had no means of commuting to and from work.

"I find myself unemployed at this time, and although I am able and willing to work I cannot do so within the restraints of the public transportation system because of the "nature" of my regular job as a HGV1 driver due to (either or) late/early starts. I do own a car but I cannot afford to tax, MOT, and insure it on job seekers allowance."

He had been offered lots of jobs but as a lorry driver he needed to start early 5:00 am or late 10:00pm and just couldn't get there at the necessary times.

W2W offered him a scooter, he is now back in work and saving money to get his own transport in the future.