The Superfast Leicestershire programme is working to ensure that 97% of all homes and businesses have access to fibre broadband, delivering superfast speeds, by the latter part of 2018.

By March 2016 over 65,000 properties in 150 towns and villages have been enabled with superfast broadband with thanks to more than 200 miles of new fibre cable and over 300 roadside fibre cabinets.

In the current phase (Contract 2), another 15,000 county properties as well as 10,000 in Leicester City will be included in the programme. Over 97% of Leicester and Leicestershire can already access superfast broadband, if you are unsure whether your area is connected check on the Superfast Leicestershire page:

The next phase was approved in June 2017 and will bring quicker connection speeds to the remaining three per cent of Leicestershire homes and businesses – mainly in hard-to-reach rural areas which would otherwise be left behind on slow broadband speeds.