"I have been impressed by the work of all parties involved in the Shepshed Town Team project in developing an exciting vision for the future of Shepshed and in identifying practical steps towards its delivery".

Stephen Hampson, deputy leader of Charnwood Borough Council and Cabinet Lead Member for Retail Regeneration.

The Community Plan concluded that residents of Shepshed had extensive concerns about parking, speeding, litter, and the general appearance of the town.

Most respondents wished to see the centre of Shepshed as more vibrant, with more extensive community provision.

The RCC Community Development Officer suggested that they should apply to become a 'Portas Pilot'. They were unsuccessful; however they have been chosen as a Government 'Town Team' and awarded a grant of £10,000.00.

'Shop Shepshed' intends to develop a Town Plan incorporating the existing Action Plan from the Community Consultation exercise. The Borough Council will absorb the admin costs of the Town Team so that the funds from DCLG can be used for the brief.

Charnwood Borough Council prepared the tendering contract for the preparation of a Master Plan and delivery framework to address the Council's strategic objectives for the regeneration of Shepshed taking into account development around the town.

They appointed BBP Regeneration in partnership with Wei Yang and Partners and Shared Intelligence to prepare the master plan and delivery framework to provide a strategy for the regeneration in Shepshed at a cost of £40,000.00.

Using that evidence base, the consultancy team have worked with the stakeholders, including groups and councillors to build a vision for Shepshed at a master plan workshop held in February 2013.

There have been three further 'town team' meetings to date and a public exhibition.