The LRP's Principles and Priorities are fully outlined in the Leicestershire Rural Framework.


  • Deliver rural projects which meet gaps in mainstream provision
  • Coordinate partners and stakeholders to ensure they work better together to meet rural needs and help raise their profile
  • Influence key agencies and partnerships to ensure they consider 'rural' within their policies, strategies and actions
  • Advise local communities and businesses to ensure they access the rural and mainstream services available
  • Listen to local communities and businesses to ensure we have the best intelligence of rural issues and needs

Priority 1 - Active, Inclusive and Empowered Parish Councils and Meetings

To have "active, inclusive and empowered parish councils and meetings" is one of the four priorities of the Leicestershire Rural Framework 2014-2020.

Priority 2 - Working with Communities to Deliver Local Services

The LRP will work with partners to ensure that the most vulnerable within rural communities are protected and supported. We will support communities to gain the knowledge, skills and where necessary funding to develop local projects that will deliver the outcomes as outlined under Priority 2 of the Leicestershire Rural Framework.

Priority 3 - Enterprising and Sustainable Rural Economies

The LRP works closely with the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) so that plans to deliver growth in the city and county are aligned with plans for growth within rural areas. This will include the LRP supporting the delivery of various European Union economic programmes.

Priority 4 - Affordable Homes in Rural Areas

Leicestershire has an established and effective Rural Housing Group which includes District Councils, Registered Providers and other housing specialists; this group will lead on delivery of this priority. Desired outcomes are:

  • A robust county-wide evidence base of rural affordable housing need
  • Increased availability of affordable homes where there is a need
  • More fuel and water efficient housing in rural areas