The Full Application form asks for more detail about the project, building on the information given at the Expression of Interest stage.

Being invited to Full Application stage is no guarantee of grant funding.

More detail about each stage is available in the applicant handbook. This is available to download from the Open Calls page.

Full Application form

Applicants need to send the following with their Full Application form:

  • equipment quotes or tenders;
  • an explanation of how the project will be funded and confirmation of match funding;
  • financial accounts for the applicant's business;
  • any permissions, consents and licences required for the project;
  • supporting case studies, market research or feasibility studies;
  • evidence of project's team experience and capacity to delivery;
  • any relevant photographs, architects drawing or plans; and
  • proof of tenancy (if applicable).

How Full Applications are assessed

Full applications will be scored and assessed against a range of selection criteria including:

  • Strategic fit- how well the project fits with the priorities for LEADER funding
  • Need for the project – what problem the project is seeking to address
  • Financial performance – the viability of the underlying business and the proposed project
  • Value for money and the need for public funding- what extent does the project proposal offer good value for money?
  • Project sustainability and impacts-economic, social and environmental sustainability and impact of the project
  • Delivery approach and how the project can be successfully delivered on cost and on time
  • Risk- have risks to delivering the project been identified?

The Final Decision

Applicants will receive a final decision within 60 working days of the East Leicestershire LEADER team receiving the completed full application.

The East Leicestershire LAG decision making panel will meet every month. They will decide if a Full Application is successful and if a grant offer can be made.

The East Leicestershire LAG will let applicants know whether or not they have been successful.

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