Over its 20 years, the LRP has developed a strong reputation for supporting rural communities and businesses and has established excellent working relationships with a wide range of organisations and partnerships. I am very proud of what together we have achieved, and am confident that with your commitment and support that the LRP will continue to serve our rural communities well.

Mrs L.A.S. Pendleton (Chairman LRP 2003-2013)

The past twelve months have been a time of change for the LRP; a time of reflection and celebration and also a time of focus and forward planning.

Ongoing austerity measures have provided challenges and opportunities to service delivery to which we have responded with enthusiasm, innovation and a commitment to maintain our high reputation for quality initiatives and we are pleased to share some examples of this with you here.

We have continued to strengthen our relationship with the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership enabling us to maximise impact and influence to ensure that the potential of rural businesses is recognised and nurtured. We have also successfully lobbied and responded to relevant consultations on behalf of rural businesses and residents.

As we enter our second year of a more streamlined LRP structure, partners have worked together to develop robust plans to deliver against the Big 7 Rural Priorities. In the coming months we will ensure our priorities continue to reflect the key issues in rural Leicestershire, whilst refreshing our Rural Framework allowing us to maintain our flexible yet focussed approach.

This year, the LRP said goodbye to Mrs Lesley Pendleton who resigned from her position as Chairman after a decade of successfully leading the partnership. Sincere and many thanks are expressed from all partners to Lesley for her commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism during this time.

Finally we welcome Mrs Pam Posnett, CC as our new Chairman and look forward to continuing our commitment to Rural Leicestershire with a strong, effective and united voice now and into the future.

"I am really looking forward to my new role with the Leicestershire Rural Partnership and getting to know you all, I have nearly always lived in a rural area and so appreciate the concerns and the aspirations that you all have. I will give my full support to the rural issues that your organisation and those that you work with face."

Mrs P. Posnett, CC (Chairman LRP)