This campaign ran from January 1stto March 31stand is part of a national campaign managed by Citizens Advice Bureau and is designed to inform people about how to receive the best deal on their energy supply and to be aware of any further support/grants they may be entitled to and where to access these.


  • Delivered three Energy Best Deal (EBD) Sessions to residents and community groups including, Hinckley-Swan Social Group, Shepshed residents, the Alzheimer's Carers Group Melton.
  • Distributed Energy Best Deal booklets to residents and community groups in attendance.
  • Promoted and publicised the events locally via the community groups and RCC Bulletin
  • Evaluated the EBD sessions and provided feedback to Citizens Advice Bureau

The majority of those attending the sessions stated that they would do something as a result of the information gained. E.g. look at what their current energy tariff is, compare prices, consider switching and/or check out entitlement to benefits.