Leicestershire has an established and effective Rural Housing Group which includes District Councils, Registered Providers and other housing specialists; this group will lead on delivery of this priority. Desired outcomes are:

  • A robust county-wide evidence base of rural affordable housing need
  • Increased availability of affordable homes where there is a need
  • More fuel and water efficient housing in rural areas

Leicestershire Rural Partnership with district councils and registered providers has pooled funding to procure a Rural Housing Enabler Service for rural Leicestershire.

Midlands Rural Housing has been successful in securing the contract and will deliver the project until March 2017.

Case Study - Partnership Delivers Homes for Local People


Poplars Road, Croft

Blaby District


The scheme of four houses and two bungalows is a result of partnership working by members of the Leicestershire Rural Housing Group. It has provided 5 homes for rent and 1 for shared ownership for those with a connection to Croft.


A housing needs survey by the Leicestershire Rural Housing Group's strategic enabling partner, Midlands Rural Housing, was requested following the success of a previous rural exception site in the village. The survey identified further local affordable housing need and the partnership explored ways of meeting it.


The views of the wider community were sought as to whether a one-off extension to the existing exception site would be welcomed as the land was being made available for this by Leicestershire County Council. 88% of feedback from the public engagement event was supportive of more homes for local people and, to the satisfaction of the community, emh group designed the scheme so no further extensions to the site would be possible.

Funding for the scheme was another piece of partnership working from members of the Leicestershire Rural Housing Group with contributions coming in various forms from emh group, Blaby District Council, Leicestershire County Council and the Homes & Communities Agency.


The residents, who all have a local connection to Croft, moved in during February 2017. The new homes are being managed by Leicestershire Rural Housing Association on behalf of emh homes and have allowed local people to remain living and working in their community.

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