Rural Leicestershire is diverse, both in terms of its landscape, its economy and the people that live within it. This diversity is reflected in our approach to supporting communities who live in the rural areas of the county.

Driven by its 20 year vision and guided by its 5 key overarching principles the LRP has identified 7 BIG priorities for Leicestershire. these are outlined in its Rural Framework 2011-14.

5 key overarching principles of the LRP:

  • Deliver rural projects which meet gaps in mainstream provision
  • Coordinate partners and stakeholders to ensure they work better together to meet rural needs and help raise their profile
  • Influence key agencies and partnerships to ensure they consider 'rural' within their policies, strategies and actions
  • Advise local communities and businesses to ensure they access the rural and mainstream services available
  • Listen to local communities and businesses to ensure we have the best intelligence of rural issues and needs

Vision for rural Leicestershire

In 2026 rural Leicestershire will be made up of thriving, cohesive and safe communities, which have access to a choice of high quality and sustainable employment opportunities, mix of housing and essential local services.

Rural Leicestershire will be recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its:

  • Active and cohesive communities with residents who influence local decisions and support the delivery of local services
  • Joined up planning systems to support housing, services and employment
  • Well connected and innovative farming community
  • Excellent opportunities for vocational training in rural skills
  • Centre of excellence for Food and Drink
  • Open and maintained countryside including the National Forest and Charnwood Forest
  • High performing home-based businesses, micro enterprises and SMEs
  • Contribution to developing and using resource efficiency programmes
  • A destination for family days out and short-break holidays
  • High quality equestrian services and facilities
  • Excellent town and rural centres in which to live, work and to visit
  • Well integrated network of community and public transport systems

Wider interests of the LRP

The LRP has a wider role to support agencies and bodies who work with rural communities and businesses. The LRP will not seek to duplicate existing activity but will aim to add value by encouraging organisations to "Think Rural". We will actively support delivery of the priority outcomes contained within Leicestershire Together's Outcome Framework.