To have "active, inclusive and empowered parish councils and meetings" is one of the four priorities of the Leicestershire Rural Framework 2014-2020.

Case Study

In October 2017 3 Big Discussion events were held in Broughton Astley, Asfordby and County Hall and were attended by a total of 110 Parish and Town Council representatives. The events were organised by the Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils in close liaison with Leicestershire County Council.

The aim was to continue conversations in the context of Leicestershire County Council's Communities Strategy about the role of Parish and Town Councils as community leaders and drivers of community managed service delivery. The events explored the challenges and opportunities local councils face, as well as the changing role of Leicestershire County Council where there is a shift and moving away from direct delivery & funding of universal community services towards acting as an enabler for community managed service delivery.

Feedback from the events was very positive and showed that Parish and Town councils are open to enhancing their role on driving community managed service delivery. Feedback also showed that Parish and town councils in Leicestershire would welcome the opportunity to work with Leicestershire County Council and Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils to develop more structured ways of enabling constructive community debates about current and future needs as well as access to comprehensive range of schemes that can be rolled out locally in communities in response to identified needs and aspirations.

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