The Leicestershire Rural Partnership (LRP) is an established and successful partnership which brings together public, private and voluntary stakeholders to improve services and support to rural communities and businesses.

Our Vision

"In 2026 rural Leicestershire will be made up of thriving, cohesive and safe communities, which have access to a range of high quality and sustainable employment opportunities, mix of housing and essential local services."

Principles & Priorities

The LRP's Principles and Priorities are fully outlined in the Leicestershire Rural Framework.


  1. Active, inclusive and empowered parish councils and meetings
  2. Working with communities to deliver local services
  3. An enterprising and sustainable rural economy
  4. More affordable homes in rural areas

Cross cutting priorities; Rural transport Solutions; A better environment; Superfast Broadband.


  • Deliver rural projects which meet gaps in mainstream provision
  • Coordinate partners and stakeholders to ensure they work better together to meet rural needs and help raise their profile
  • Influence key agencies and partnerships to ensure they consider 'rural' within their policies, strategies and actions
  • Advise local communities and businesses to ensure they access the rural and mainstream services available
  • Listen to local communities and businesses to ensure we have the best intelligence of rural issues and needs